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Canadian’s who own U.S. real estate property or U.S. registered vehicles, must carry the proper insurance coverage to ensure you are not at risk. We provide Canadians with the best rates and products from all the top carriers to ensure you have the proper coverage and liability protection as a non-resident owner in the United States.

We are the #1 resource Canadians rely on for all their U.S. insurance needs!

US Insurance Services for Canadians


We help Canadians secure the best U.S. home and flood insurance protection for your U.S. real estate property.


We help Canadians secure the best U.S. auto insurance and liability protection for your U.S. owned vehicles.


We help Canadians save money with home and auto insurance bundling to protect your U.S. homes and vehicles.

We work with top-rated U.S. insurance providers serving Canadians

Miles Zimbaluk Arizona Real Estate Agent

Miles Zimbaluk

CEO at Canada to USA Inc | Arizona REALTOR® | Cross Border Real Estate Expert | Canadian Mortgage Broker

Miles is a Canadian citizen now residing in Scottsdale Arizona. He is the founder and CEO of Canada to USA and lead agent for our national real estate team while personally working with Canadian clients in Arizona. Miles is one of the top agents in Arizona and highly regarded cross border expert for Canadians buying or selling real estate across the United States.