Miles Zimbaluk Named a Top Agent in Arizona

Miles Zimbaluk Named a Top Agent in Arizona

Miles Zimbaluk Named a Top Agent in Arizona

Meet Miles Zimbaluk, a pioneer in the real estate world whose journey began in financial planning, evolved through mortgage brokerage and new construction development, and culminated in a thriving career traversing two countries. Miles made the leap from Canada to the United States a decade ago, geared up with twenty years of industry experience. Today, he represents HomeSmart, catering to a clientele of Canadian and Foreign buyers and guiding them through the intricate terrain of cross-border transactions. At the same time, he dominates North America as a top agent.

With dual citizenship under his belt, Miles offers a tailored experience, serving clients on a deeper level than typical traditional agents. With the capacity to help Canadians relocate throughout the entire United States, their emphasis lies in assisting clients to acquire homeownership in the Southern States, drawing a clientele of investors and second-time homebuyers. Although his commitment to clients extends beyond borders, Miles specializes in the greater Phoenix area, ensuring a seamless transition to their new homes. When necessary, he refers to highly qualified agents to provide top-notch service for those outside his reach.

To stay in touch with past clients, Miles harnesses the power of, a platform boasting over 50,000 subscribers, offering relocation solutions and abundant cross-border resources pertaining to cross-border taxes, insurance, and currency exchange. With an effective email marketing strategy, Miles leverages the MLS networks, social media platforms, and the Canada to USA brand, which drives half a million visitors annually, increasing visibility with listings. Above all, ensuring his clients are well-informed and prepared for the complexities of purchasing property as foreign buyers remains at the forefront of his business ethos.

Looking ahead, 2024 will be a prosperous year, with Miles and his team anticipating 200 closed transactions, an outstanding testament to their unwavering commitment and expertise. Despite his professional accomplishments, Miles finds fulfillment as an educator as he guides clients through the intricacies of relocation. Additionally, his devotion to service extends as a member of the Phoenix Real Estate Association and National Real Estate Association.

When he isn’t working, Miles cherishes spending time with his family and rounds of golf, practicing the balance between work and leisure. Recalling his real estate journey, Miles attributes his success to carving a niche market, allowing him to develop remarkable expertise and nurture enduring client relationships. In the vibrant real estate landscape, Miles Zimbaluk stands out as an agent and a problem solver, bridging borders and changing lives with every transaction.

Buying Arizona Real Estate

We help Canadians buy real estate in Arizona while offering an all-inclusive experience with our real estate team including access to our mortgage partners, discounted currency exchange, tax and legal advice, and insurance planning.

Selling Arizona Real Estate

We help Canadians sell real estate property in Arizona and ensure you navigate all the cross border hurdles starting with listing your property, FIRPTA processing, and transferring your currency at best rates.

Miles Zimbaluk Arizona Real Estate Agent

Miles Zimbaluk

Arizona REALTORĀ® | CEO at Canada to USA Inc | Cross Border Real Estate Expert | Canadian Mortgage Broker

Miles is a Canadian citizen now residing in Scottsdale Arizona. He is the founder and CEO of Canada to USA and lead agent for our national real estate team while personally working with Canadian clients in Arizona. Miles is one of the top agents in Arizona and highly regarded cross border expert for Canadians buying or selling real estate across the United States.